Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cat mayor Stubbs mauled by dogs

Stubbs is a cat who has been the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, since July 1997. His owner, Laura Stec, found Stubbs in a box full of kittens in her parking lot. Their owners were given them away. Stec chose " Stubbs" because he didn't have a tail. 

About 15 years ago Stubbs was elected by the community of Talkeetna in a write-in campaign. Talkeetna has no human mayor, so you could say that Talkeetna is being ruled by a cat.  Just like how your cat rules your house. 

Last Saturday tragedy struck. A local dog mauled poor Stubbs. Stubbs suffered a deep gash about four inches wide. The dog cut through Stubbs' skin and muscle. Fortunately Stubbs still had the strength to run for cover after the mauling. After a long search Stubbs finally came crawling out from his hiding place. 

Stec would come to find out later that Stubbs suffered other injuries as well - a punctured lung, a crushed sternum and bruised hips.

The latest report at this moment is that Stubbs healing slowly. If you want to help Stubbs pay the medical bills please click here For the latest updates please about Stubbs please click here

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