Friday, December 20, 2013

Furry Friend Friday

It’s furry friend Friday again! 

Meet furry friend of the week: Pancakes the Scottish Fold!

Furry nice to meet you!

Pancakes is an adorable eight months old Scottish fold kitty. The beginning was a bit rough for our furriend, but luckily her human was able to rescue her from a cat hoarder.  So now life is good for our foldie :-) This cute kitty likes to spend her days napping and playing. Her favorite toy is of course the cardboard box (which cat doesn’t like these amazing things?). And just like any good cat she likes to sit on the windowsill to watch the birdies. For more cute pictures of Pancakes:

I haz big round eyes

Just some relaxing
My "I'm listening" look

If you want to be furry friend of the week, just send an email to

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