Friday, December 27, 2013

Furry Friend Friday

It’s furry friend Friday again! 

Meet furry friend of the week: Brody!

Furry nice to meet you! 

 As you can see, Brody is a very cute and playful pup. Brody was lucky enough to find a forever home with Julie’s parents. Like most dogs, Brody loves water. So life in Michigan, also known as the Great Lake State, is awesome for this water-loving puppy. Of course he also loves to snooze and I’ve been told that he likes to sleep on Julie’s bed, when she’s away from home. Luckily for Julie, Brody knows how to share a bed ;-)

Special thanks to Julie for sharing Brody with us. You can follow her on Twitter @macjulie11

If you want to be furry friend of the week, just send an email to

So much water!

Get ready for a snow fight
Cuddles with my human :-)

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