Saturday, January 4, 2014

Caturday Special Edition: Cats of Lantau Island Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place for shopaholics. If you were to walk around certain districts of Hong Kong,  you would be inclined to think that Hong Kong consisted merely of shopping malls. Fortunately, upon closer inspection there is so much to find. For instance, there are are a lot of beautiful islands. Among them is gorgeous Lantau Island.  Not only does it have a giant Buddha statue (85 foot/26 meter), but it also has the most charming fishing village, Tai O, also known as the Venice of Hong Kong.  

Giant Buddha Statue

Beautiful village Tai O

When I visited Tai O, I saw a couple of friendly cats there. I don't know if they are strays. They didn't look too skinny, so I assume they are fed by the locals. The surroundings and its cats reminded me a bit of the animated stories my mom used to tell, almost as if taken back to her childhood village. My mom also had a cat which she loved dearly and also had a task as mouse catcher. Just like cats everywhere else in the world, the cats of Lantau Island love napping and sun puddles :-

Enjoying the sun
Just some napping


Guarding the temple

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