Friday, January 17, 2014

Furry Friend Friday: Mika and Lexus

It's furry friend Friday again!

Meet our furry friends of the week: Mika and Lexus!!!

Furry nice to meet you!!!

Mika the husky writes:

So as I said my name is Mika and my sisfur is Lexus. I am 4 years old and I am the black and white one. Lexus just 1 yr old. My human adopted me from a nice family who could no longer care for me due to very tragic health reasons, and mom always tells me she couldn't be happier that she chose to bring me into her family. I am a very laid back Husky and I love following mom around the house EVERYWHERE she goes! My fav things to do are walking swimming and of course playing in the snow! I am superb at tunnel making as you can see in one of my photos!
Making a tunnel

Lexus was rescued from a place in Quebec Ontario where she spent 4 months of her life with virtually no human interaction and stuck in a dirty cage outdoors all day and night with her sisters. She has learned everything so quick and I love being a big sisfer to her, I have taught her everything I know and I enjoy being a role model to her. 

We love each other!
She is a more traditional husky meaning she is high energy and likes doing as she possibly can in a day. 

Time to run!

Are you tired already? 
Mom says she loves how different we are because she gets the best of both worlds!

Mom loves to take our pictures

And we like posing

Strike a pose!

So that is our story! Thanks again for the opportunity of being featured!
Our blog is called Love is being owned by a husky and you can find us at 

Thank you for sharing your incredible story!!!

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  1. Ah shucks Noodles! Thanks so much! It's so nice being a furry friend of the week! Much appreciated my new kitty friend.
    And not to complain or anything, but my silly mom must have wrote our blog URL down wrong for you cuz the proper one is
    and the one on your page wont work to go to our blog. So our apologies to you for writing it down wrong :(
    Thanks again for the feature
    ((husky hugz))