Sunday, May 11, 2014

A day in the life of Noodles the Cat: Support us on Indiegogo

About the book:

"A day in the life of Noodles the Cat"  is a sweet children's picture book that depicts a day in the life of this adorable cat. Simple rhymes are accompanied with beautiful and colourful pictures of Noodles, providing a simple early lesson in words. Children will connect with this lovely animal. Watch Noodles play, eat and ultimately fall asleep happily, just as your child will upon hearing this endearing story. 


They say owners don't pick their cats, but cats pick their owners. This is certainly true in our case. When we first met Noodles all her siblings were asleep. But not Noodles. She was playful, as to attract our attention it seemed. We immediately fell in love with this cute little kitty 
Like any proud cat owner we couldn't stop taking and sharing her pictures with our family and friends. We noticed they appealed to little children in particular, which is why we decided to write a children's book about her. 
Many children want to know how Noodles spends her day. This book shows Noodles eating, playing and sleeping. We selected pictures to accompany the simple storyline in rhyme to depict a day in the life of Noodles. Hence the title. 

What we do with your contribution

To spread the joy of this cute cat we are planning to get 150 books printed. The goal of $3500 will be enough to purchase an ISBN number for self-publishing and get 150 books printed. 

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  1. I hope you get all you need Noodles!

  2. Thank you Rumpy! You have always been a good friend *nose kisses*