Friday, July 11, 2014

Furry Friend Friday: Mannie the loveable tabby

Meet our furry friend of the week: Mannie the loveable tabby cat!

A furry handsome Mannie
It's not sure where Mannie came from, but this lucky tabby was able to find his way to a loving furrever home. Mannie was first spotted by a security guard at the back of his building. She noticed that this tabby liked to follow people around. It's plausible that Mannie was dumped there and wasn't always a stray. It's not certain how long Mannie was homeless. When Marco and the security guard finally caught Mannie, he was pretty beat up by a cat or a raccoon and had to be taken to a vet. He had many scratches on his nose and the rest of his face. Also he had a huge gap on his cheek from a bite. For his recovery Mannie stayed with a nice lady who was also taken care of other cats in a nearby 'cat colony'. One day she asked Marco if he was able to foster Mannie for a week. After consulting his roommate Marco agreed to take care of Mannie. The first night Mannie was a bit scared, but he quickly felt right at home. Mannie turned out to be a very friendly and loving cat. 

Are you going to eat that?
 So of course Mannie was the purrfect roommate and furry little brother. By the end of the week Marco and even his roommate, who isn't a 'cat guy' had fallen in love with him. So Mannie is now happily living with Marco and his roommate as one of the guys ;-)

Time for some belly rubs :-) 

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