Friday, September 19, 2014

Do cats really love us?

Cats are really sending out mixed signals. They make us feel loved, but they also threat us as their human servants. Although Noodles is a very sweet cat, she's also a very needy kitty. I had no idea that cats could be like this. I always thought that cats were proud and independent animals. Noodles is just the opposite. She will meow very loudly to get your attention and will stare at you nonstop. If you don't react, she will meow again and continue this strange staring competition. Sometimes she'll wait patiently, but usually she'll just meow incessantly while looking at you. If you say something to her (yes, I'm that kind of person), she'll answer back. I have no idea why she does this and I sometimes wonder if she thinks she's talking 'human'. 

So we know that cats love our attention, but does that mean that they love us. Well at least that means that they like us. If they didn't like us, they wouldn't want our attention. I strongly believe that cats love their humans in their own way. Noodles, for example, doesn't like to sit on my lap, but she does like to be near me. Also she will always purr when I'm near her. She'll also runs towards me when I get home after a day at the office. 

A couple weeks ago I got back from my holiday and I hadn't seen Noodles for two weeks. When she saw me, she ran toward me and started jumping like a dog. She even meowed very loudly. It made me so happy that she was so excited to see me. So to answer the question: Yes, I do believe cats really love us!

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