Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introducing Bowser

Most of you already know that Noodles has a new sibling, Bowser. Bowser is a tiny naughty and very active kitten. It's obvious that Noodles can't handle Bowser very well. The first week was just a lot of hissing and growling. Putting them together in one room was unthinkable. Luckily this is now possible. Although Noodles still has a tendency to try and hit Bowser. Hopefully this is just a fase. 

It's strange to see that Bowser is very curious of Noodles. She really wants to be near her and isn't afraid of her at all. Even though Noodles keeps hissing and growling to scare her off. 

I guess the biggest problem of Noodles is mainly territorial. She doesn't wants to share (food, space), which is quite normal behaviour. Also I've noticed that Noodles doesn't like the fact that Bowser gets some of our affection. She will start meowing/complaining. 

We do hope that Noodles will learn to accept Bowser. Bowser is really a sweet cat. We'll keep you posted with the progress. 

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