Sunday, June 8, 2014

10 fun facts about Noodles!

1. Noodles is a girl kitty
I'm a purrty girl ;-)

2. Noodles is a chatty kitty.
I just want to tell you how my day was

3. Noodles believes in good dental care. 
Flossing makes you beautiful!

4. Noodles is a qualified kung fu kitty! 
So we meet again, evil stick! 

5. Noodles can't resist a bed of towels.
This is the best bed ever!!!

6. Noodles eats her greens. 
Eat your greens to stay healthy! 

7. Noodles can stand on hind legs. 
Pretty impressive ;-)

8. Noodles likes a good bag for biting and hiding.
I need a new one

9. Noodles enjoys the sun. 
Soaking up the sun

10. Noodles likes to get wet. 
Fresh water is the best! 

1 comment:

  1. I can relate! My kitties HATE to get wet, except when it's getting a drink from the faucet. Then you could run water all over 'em as long as they get a drink of that water!