Monday, June 2, 2014

4 tips how to choose a cat

Before I got Noodles I did some extensive research. I've spent hours on the internet looking for a cat that would be right for us. I wanted a mellow, friendly and social cat. Also I wanted a cat that could easily stay indoors. So after a couple of months of research we decided that a Scottish Fold would be the perfect fit for us. We were also very charmed by the cuteness of the Scottish Fold. I don't think anyone could resist such a sweet and adorable face.

Next thing we needed to do was to find a responsible breeder, which wasn't that easy. Luckily we did find one and the breeder was anxious to meet us and you could tell that they cared a lot of about their kittens. They really wanted to know if we were able to take care of their precious kitten. Also we got to see the Noodles' mom and she was healthy and happy looking cat. If you are not allowed to see the mom than you should be careful. Kittens usually need to spend some a couple of months with their mom to get socialised.

To help you find the right cat you need to ask yourself a couple of important questions.

1) What cat personality do you want?
This is the most important question you should ask yourself. Cats all have unique personalities and not all cats will be right for you. So grab a piece of paper and write down what you are looking for in a cat. Of course it's impossible to find a cat that exactly fits your description, but it's a starting point in your search. 

2) Indoor or outdoor cat
To narrow down your search you should ask yourself if you want an indoor or an outdoor cat. Some cats are happy to stay at home, but other cats will do anything to get out of the house. If they can't there is a good chance that they become frustrated. Of course there are ways to solve this issue. You can build a cat enclosure or take your cat for a walk on a leash. Of course that's easier said than done!

3) Purebred of mixed breed
If you have your heart set on purebred make sure you do your homework. Some cats make look nice and cute, but may not be what you are looking for. If you want a very active and playful cat, you should not choose a laid-back breed like the British Shorthair. Be sure to do your research on your breeder. As you may know some breeds are prone to certain medical problems and unfortunately some breeders don't care about the health of their cats. You should always ask if you can see the mother cat. 

4) Kitten or cat
There are many reasons to choose a kitten. They are adorable, playful and full of energy! But raising a kitten can be demanding, because they need a lot of supervision to keep them out of trouble. So if you want to get a kitten, be prepared to spend a lot time cat sitting. Grown cats are usually calmer and less mischievous.

Once you have made your decision, remember to be absolutely wonderful to your feline friend!

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